Sweets Strawberry Runners

Superior quality strawberry plants…Australia wide

strawberry runners | commercial plug plants

Unfortunately, Sweets Strawberry Runners has made the difficult decision to not continue it’s business next season.

We are not able to accept any new orders or to offer any employment …either full-time or seasonal.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees, suppliers and customers who have supported our business for many years.

Sweets Strawberry Runners

All the best varieties …available as runners or plug plants

Sweets Strawberry Runners offers a complete range of the most desirable strawberry plants available in Australia. We service commercial growers, nurseries and home gardeners.

Each of these categories of growers has specialised needs and we have tailored the available varieties and the ordering and delivery procedures to suit.


Sweets Strawberry Runners are QLD’s premier suppliers of quality strawberry plants for commercial growers.


Keep your customers happy with superior quality runners from Sweets Strawberry Runners.


Sweets Strawberry Runners can also help the home gardener to start their own strawberry patch.