Strawberry Runner Varieties for Home Gardeners

DPI Rubygem

(Bred by QLD DAF & Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd)

Rubygem is renowned for its exceptional flavor throughout Queensland commercial growing circles and is now available for Nurseries and Home Gardeners for the first time. This variety is suited for winter, spring and early summer production. Fruit is an attractive moderately dark glossy red and is medium to large, uniformly shaped and is short conical to slightly wedged. It is firm & resilient, with some resistance to rain damage. Flesh is dark red, of medium acidity and has consistently good flavour. Fruit are well displayed as pedicels extend out of the canopy, and are easily harvested.

QHI Sugarbaby

(Bred by QLD DAF & Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd)

A mid-season variety. Fruit production commences in early June. Fruit are exceptionally attractive red, glossy, conical, L to XL sized (20g), firm and resilient, with resistance to rain damage. Flesh is bright red, of low acidity, and excellent sweet flavour. Fruit are well displayed, and easily harvested. Eating quality is exceptionally high. Sugarbaby received the highest score in the Better Berries Field Day taste tests at Redlands in July 2003. Well suited to local niche market sales.


(Bred by Victoria Department of Agriculture)

A day-neutral variety that forms a medium dense, highly productive plant. Fruit is conical and glossy red in colour when fully ripe. Flesh is light red throughout and firm. High production but fruit can be soft if the correct nutritional program is not followed.  In frost-free regions, with the right care Lowanna will produce fruit almost all year round.

Redlands Joy

(Bred by QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF))

Fruit is large and one of the sweetest strawberries in Australia. Can be early and produces high yields throughout the season. Resists rain damage. Fruit are well displayed and easily harvested. This variety has excellent consumer acceptability and is always very popular for local sales.