Strawberry Plant Varieties – Susie

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Bred by: QLD DAF & HIA Ltd

Susie has higher yield and larger average fruit size than Red Rhapsody and slightly higher early-season yield. Flavour rating, brix and acidity levels are similar to that of Red Rhapsody, and it has good Fusarium Wilt tolerance.

Fruit shape of Susie is conic to long conic, with slightly lighter external colour than Red Rhapsody. Bush size of Susie is similar to Red Rhapsody, with similar display of fruit, and flower trusses more upright in the canopy

Susie is a newer variety that is being grown in semi-commercial blocks for the first time in 2022. 2022 is a very wet, cloudy and cold season, but Susie is showing excellent promise. It will be in high demand from Queensland fruit producers for the 2023 season. It is too early to provide advice on the nutritional program for this variety.

Susie is well suited to commercial production across all sub-tropical growing regions; Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast and Greater Brisbane. Due to its Fusarium Wilt tolerance, it may also grow well in Mediterranean regions around Perth, Western Australia.

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