Strawberry Plant Varieties – Tamara

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Bred by: Australian Strawberry Breeding Program (ASBP)

Tamara is a premium strawberry with traits more targeted towards consumer satisfaction.
This variety has extremely high Brix and moderate acidity, and a similar excellent flavour score to Albion
It has moderate Charcoal Rot tolerance.

Fruit are light red both internally and externally
Plant size is similar to existing varieties

Growing notes
Tamara has moderate Charcoal Rot tolerance, however, is susceptible to rain damage and may therefore perform better under protected cropping
This is one of two new temperate varieties just released by the ASBP
At this point, we can provide little guidance on its nutritional program. Being planted in small numbers in Queensland’s Granite Belt in 2022.

Regional suitability
Tamara is well suited to commercial production across all temperate growing regions: Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, South West WA, and the Granite Belt region of southern Queensland.

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